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World's Most Dangerous Roads

Kenya: The Flying Trucks of Kenya
Free Documentary

In this documentary, we see just how the Africans do it as they transport some of the most perishable local products with speed, determination, and high risk on the continent’s most dangerous roads – these are what’s known as the flying trucks!

Who We Are

Afrika Live Tv is a Pan-African film and television company based in Nairobi Kenya dealing with video content production for traditional media (TV), online media and corporates. We are widely travelled (Around Africa) youthful filmmakers/journalists/video producers who are dedicated, committed and hardworking.

Our aim is to produce positive, entertaining and uplifting content from all over Africa. All our content is creatively conceptualized and produced in high quality.

Tell Your Story

Are you trying to change the world? Start a movement? Transform lives? Whatever your goal is, a good story well told is key to unite people, connect, and drive stronger, deeper bonds.

Our Services

A one stop shop for all your video productions, Afrika Live Tv takes care of the whole process, from start to finish.


Whether a simple interview or a large scale commercial, we run our shoots like clockwork to ensure on time and on budget delivery.


The right sound, sound mix and effects provides an outlet for emotional expression, character building and additional information about the world shown visually to you.

Script Writing

Where it all starts. Tell us your goals we’ll transform them in beautiful words and evocative images that connect with your audience.


While editing often goes unnoticed by the audience, it is one of the most important aspect of a great production. It is where the narrative comes to life and the story’s emotions can really be brought out.

What Our Clients Say

Here are some of the feedback our clients have shared with us.

They are professional and stayed in constant contact with our video team. Mambo, was very helpful in capturing a variety of high-quality footage in a timely manner. All of which helped make our video a success.
Population Reference Bureau
It's been a pleasure working with AFRIKA LIVE production. We really appreciated his flexibility and quality of work.
George had an original and colorful idea that sparked our interest immediately. His team sent over a huge amount of footage that will definitely make a compelling story. Communication was however hard given our different time zones. I would highly recommend George and his team.
Bloomberg QuickTake

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Our Expert Team

We have a dedicated team ready to deliver your project. 

Thuku Kariuki

Production Manager

Nduati Mambo

Cameraman & Video Editor

George Kinyanjui

Cameraman & Video Editor

Joy Doreen Biira

Events Host/ Senior Producer

Sam Mugo


James Mbugua


Wanjiru M Thuku

Gender and Health Consultant

Steve Wanga

Sports host/producer

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